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A brief introduction of the Fifth APEC E-commerce Business Alliance Forum

2014-12-05 06:02:19

 I. A brief introduction of APEC E-commerce Business Alliance

 During the 2001 APEC Senior Seminar held in Dalian, the Ministry of Commerce proposed on behalf of China the establishment of the Asian-Pacific Electronic Commerce Business Alliance. The proposal was approved by both APEC Electronic Commerce Business Seminar in August 2001 and APEC E-Commerce Guiding Group Meeting held at the same time. In October, APEC E-Commerce Guiding Group Meeting submitted this proposal to 2001 APEC Third Senior Officer Meeting for deliberation. It passed the deliberation and was subsequently ratified by APEC 13th Ministerial Meeting, which marked the official establishment of APEC Electronic Commerce Business Alliance.


“Noting the different roles of private and public sectors in promoting the development of e-commerce as well as the needs to strengthen the linkage between them in this field, Ministers endorsed the proposal of the establishment of the APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance. Ministers also welcomed the proposal to strengthen economic and technical cooperation in the area of e-commerce with a view to narrowing the gap between member economies in the application of e-commerce.”

(Joint Ministerial Statement Article 46) 

 Commitment of the Alliance”:

Providing services for entrepreneurs across the Asia-Pacific region, promoting exchanges and cooperation in the area of e-commerce among enterprises from APEC member economies, urging governments to optimize the development environment for e-commerce, and accelerating the overall developmental process of e-commerce in the Asia-Pacific region


 The standing executive body of the Alliance, headquartered in China International Electronic Commerce Center

II. Fifth APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance Forum

In 2014, to continue expanding the Alliance’s influence in e-commerce in Asian-Pacific Region and further deepen the practical cooperation of APEC members by taking advantage of China’s resumption of the status as APEC host after 13 years, it is planned to hold the Fifth APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance Forum on April 10, 2014 in Yiwu City of Zhejiang Province during the holding of the “China International Electronic Commerce Expo.”

The forum will include a keynote discussion centering on “Explore New Value of E-commerce,” during which, representatives of such organizations as APEC, ESCAP, IBM, Intel, Alibaba, and Tencent will be invited to give keynote speeches on status quo and development trend of cross-border e-commerce in Asian-Pacific Region and cooperation between Asian-Pacific SMEs and multinational corporations.

Results of the forum will be submitted to APEC E-commerce Guiding Group and APEC Senior Officer Meeting as an important achievement by China during its hosting of APEC activities in 2014, and at the same time, released to 21 APEC economies via APEC official website.



Fifth APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance Forum

Theme: Explore New Value of E-commerce


April 9, 2014 (Wednesday)   13:30-22:00    Registration

April 10, 2014 (Thursday)

09:30-10:00   Opening ceremony


Mrs.Maria Ms. Maria Lourdes A. Yaptinchay

Chairman of APEC E-Commerce Guiding Group

Speeches at the opening ceremony:

Dr. Alan Bollard    Speech by executive chief of APEC Secretariat

Speech by leader of the Ministry of Commerce

10:00-10:15     Tea break

10:15-12:15     Theme forum (I): Analysis of Status quo and future trend of cross-border e-commerce in Asia-Pacific Region


UNESCAP senior officer Dr.Tengfei, Wang

Key speakers:

Leader of the E-commerce Department of the Ministry of Commerce of China

Dr. Ravi, Director, Trade and Investment Division of UN/ESCAP

US Information Industry Association

Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam

12:15-13:30  Buffet lunch

13:30-15:30  Theme forum (II): Data Protection Experiences by SMEs for doing Business with Large Multinational Corporations


Mr. Josh Harris, Director, Future of Privacy

Key speakers:

Mr. Michael Panzera, Office of International Affairs, US Federal Trade Commission

Ms. Anick Fortin-Cousens, IBM Global Data Privacy Protection Center


Mr. John miller, Intel International Policy Officer


15:30-16:00      Tea break

16:00-18:00   Theme forum (III): How to promote cooperation between SMEs at home and abroad with trade facilitation means


Prof. Wang Jian, Doctoral Supervisor, School of International Trade and Economics, University of International Business and Economics

Key speakers:

Dr. Andrew Grainger, University of Nottingham, UK

International Trade Association of South Korea


DHL (SF-Express)


18:00-18:30       Closing speeches

Leader of China International Electronic Commerce Center

Leader of Yiwu City Government



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