April 11-13, 2018 Yiwu International Electronical Commerce Center
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A brief introduction to Yiwu International Exposition Center

2014-12-05 06:01:31

 Located at 59 Zongze Donglu Road within Yiwu Cultural Center, Yiwu International Exposition Center is neighbor to the Meihu Conference & Exposition Center on the west and the Yiwu River on the north. It is close to the Southern Expressway, International Business and Trade Center, and the central business zone being planned. Some 1.5km from the International Business and Trade Center, 10km from Yiwu Airport, and 14km from the new Railway Station, it enjoys convenient transport conditions.

   Yiwu International Exposition Center consists of two facilities --- exhibition hall and the supporting five-star hotel. Covering an area of 219 mu and having a total investment of 1.8 billion RMB, it has a total floorage of over 296,000 square meters. The exhibition hall has a total floorage of over 240,000 square meters and accommodates 5,300 international standard booths. The supporting five-star hotel has a total floorage of 55,593 square meters and some 337 guestrooms. The construction of the center was funded solely by Zhejiang China Small Commodity Center Group Co., Ltd.

The exhibition hall has two floors above ground, which have ten standard exhibition halls (one of them can serve as a dining hall), and one underground floor, which has four small exhibition rooms and a parking lot. With complete service facilities, the exhibition hall contains a large-scale news conference hall that can accommodate 300 to 500 people, a large multifunctional hall that allows a meeting involving 3,500 to 4,000 attendees or a 400-table banquet, a fast food dining hall that can accommodate 2,000 diners, 20 meeting rooms in all sizes, and a parking lot for over 1,000 vehicles. There are also bar, coffeehouse, canteen, and postal, transport, and civil aviation service branches. With a novel and unique layout and a magnificent appearance, the exhibition hall has five two-storey rectangular exhibition rooms fanning out around the central square and a 23.3-meter-high lobby in the middle. The exhibition rooms are designed in an integrated manner. They connect with each other but each maintains its relative seclusion. Such design allows for easy evacuation in case of fire and guarantees the simultaneous use for different exhibitions.

Their functions are set to fully guarantee the smooth flow of people, vehicles, and information. In fact, the entire exhibition hall meets the requirements of modern intelligent internet era. The internet lines go along with the overall wiring of the exhibition hall. The audience log-on system, computer inquiry system, and security system are at high intelligent level.


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