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New highlight of China International Electronic Commerce Expo 2015

2014-12-04 07:55:40

 On September 11, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said at the Tianjin Davos Forum that China would guarantee a space for independent business building to all who have the desire to start a business. Taking advantage of the favorable policies on reform and innovation, a new tide of grassroots business building” emerges in China. Responding to such a call, the organizing committee will, during the Expo 2015, set up an “exhibition area for star shops” to display to the public (over 100,000 professional audience members present at the expo) the credible, elegant, and innovative shops, which are outstanding examples in business building. Meanwhile, the organizing committee will invite some relevant venture investment companies and angel investment organizations to build an investment and financing platform for star online shop enterprises, comment on their projects, and hold investment talks with them. The entire election activity will be covered by the media. The star shops with distinctive features will receive special interview, which, upon broadcasting, will stimulate and guide the business building enthusiasm in this internet era.

To better convey to the society the positive energy in the internet field, the first China WeChat E-commerce Dealer Business Building Competition will be held along with the star shop election. Under the powerful promotion by the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, the competition will offer a broader and better growth platform for Chinese business builders.

A couple crazy about bodybuilding opened a public account on WeChat. They released some news and information about bodybuilding daily and kept on doing this for ten months. Then, they won over not only 130,000 fans, but five million RMB of Angel venture investment. Will you find their experience incredible? However, this is a real case, the story of the “Old Black Dragon,” founder of the WeMedia Union and also one of the instructors of the WeChat E-commerce Dealer Business Building Competition.

In a similar case, among Hansws agents, two girls born in 1991 and 1995 were reported to have earned seven million RMB and ten million RMB per month, respectively. It is obvious that the WeChat e-commerce era is coming with a subversive commercial shock wave.

With a theme of “China Dream, Business Building Dream,” the First China WeChat E-commerce Dealer Business Building Competition aims to help more Chinese business building groups find their success and value of life. The competition targets mainly housewives, university students, this year’s graduates, disabled people, career women, and e-commerce business builders. It is estimated that 20,000 people will enter for the competition.

We will fulfill road shows in ten major Chinese cities, including Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Shaoxing, Jinhua, Changsha of Hunan Province, and Nanchang of Jiangxi Province, and Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

The First China WeChat E-commerce Dealer Business Building Competition is cosponsored by the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, Business Daily, a famous financial and economic medium of Zhejiang Province, and E-commerce Office of the People’s Government of Yiwu City. It receives great support and help from several organizations, including the China V Data Alliance, WE MEDIA Group, fengchaoshe.com, tesudao, Zifan International, id80.com, daniucun, and Focus E-commerce College. Zhenai.com is the platform service provider of the competition. Contestants do not have to handle any paperwork, but enter for the competition by logging on to the WeChat public account wscyds” with their mobile phones. They do not have to pay any fee, either, but forward WeChat message texts for a series of services such as warehousing and distribution upon the dealing of an order. The forwarder receives benefits by moving his / her fingers. The competition organizing committee will pick up top 100 WeChat dealers based on the transaction record and present awards to them accordingly.

As the sponsor unit of the WeChat business building competition, Hanshu will mobilize some of its contracted frontline recreational stars such as Wang Lihong, Lin Zhiling, and GuoCaijie to help WeChat dealers to create more business growth opportunities.

Then, at least 2,000 national agents will be selected from 20,000 contestants during the First China WeChat E-commerce Dealer Business Building Competition. The winners will come to Yiwu to start building their businesses. From April 11 to 13, 2015, they will appear at the star shop exhibition area of the China International Electronic Commerce Expo 2015 for lighting up the bright future of mobile e-commerce dealers.


The following means of contact will give you access to more information about the election of star shops:

1 Website: www.etvmall.cn/bolan

2 E-commerce work circle of China Electronics Chamber of Commerce; WeChat number: cecccm

3 Microblog of China Electronics Chamber of Commerce; Microblog number: e-commerce work circle

4 Tel.: Mr. He 010-68256004-145  cecchzx@163.com



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