April 11-13, 2017 Yiwu International Electronical Commerce Center
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The 2018 China International Electronic Commerce Expo held press conference in Beijing

2017-12-14 10:14:43

The 2018 China International Electronic Commerce Expo conference

The 2018 China International Electronic Commerce Expo conference held in Beijing on 28th November, announced that the 2018 China International Electronic Commerce Expo will be held from 11th to 13th of April in Yiwu city, East China’s Zhejiang province, in China International Electronic Commerce Center in Beijing.

Those who attended the opening ceremony including Secretary Yao of China International Electronic Commerce, Secretary Peng of China electronics Chamber of Commerce, Executive Director Su of China Trade in Services, Vice mayor Shi of People’s Government of Yiwu City, and Director Wang of Yiwu Municipal Bureau of commerce delivered the welcome speech at the opening ceremony.


Secretary Yao Guanghai of China International Electronic Commerce

Secretary Peng Lihui of China electronics Chamber of Commerce


Executive Director Su Jun of China Trade in Services

Vice mayor Shi Wenzhen of People’s Government of Yiwu City

Director Wang Birong of Yiwu Municipal Bureau of Commerce

More than 30 China major media attended and reported the conference, including PEOPLE.COM.CN, XINHUA, GUANG MING ONLINE(GMW), CHINA.ORG.CN, CHINA DAILY, HUAQIU.COM, CIETNET, SINA CHINA AND SOHU CHINA.

Secretary Yao indicated during the conference that after continuous exploration and experience-accumulation, the Expo has taken the lead in size, level and achievements among peers. The main factor to develop China and Global trade is Electron Information Technology. Therefore, the Expo will highlight upgrading trade facilitation via using Electron Information Technology to support and achieve the goal for Global trade facilitation. So, the 2018 China E-commerce Trade Facilitation Summit Forum themed as “ Inclusive, open and win-win” will be held during the Expo, is sponsored by the China International Electronic Commerce Center.

Themed with “New Era for E-commerce, New Momentum for Trade”, the 2018 China International Electronic Commerce Expo will set up 2,000 exhibition booths with international standards in an exhibition area of 50,000 m2 into ten display areas, including Famous E-commerce Platform Area, Cross-border E-commerce Area, New Retail Area, E-commerce Demonstration City/Base/Enterprises area, Community E-commerce/Mobile Internet Area, E-commerce Service Enterprises Area, Area of E-commerce in Rural Areas, Smart Products Area, Belt and Road Initiative Area and Top-brand Online Products Area.

So far, more than 400 companies have confirmed that they will come to the expo, reserving nearly 1,100 of the total 2,000 exhibition booths, such as Amazon, Google, Alibaba, JD.Com, Shoppee, Linkin, UPS and other multiple of E-business online shop.




The China International Electronic Commerce Expo, sponsored by the People’s Government of Zhejiang province, and supported by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, is the largest electronic commerce expo now in China, which shows intensively the latest achievements of e-commerce research and application at home and abroad, the latest technologies and products, as well as enterprises of the full e-commerce industrial chain including e-commerce platforms, financia...