April 11-13, 2017 Yiwu International Electronical Commerce Center
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China International Electronic Commerce Center

China International Electronic Commerce Center (CIECC) is the executive organization and technical support entity for the informationalization construction for the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. It shoulders the mission to construct, operate and maintain the backbone website (China international electronic commerce website) of the Golden Gate Project of the country’s key informationalization construction projects, and is the seat of the UN Trade Network China Development Center and the APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance and also the present chairman on duty of the Pan Asian E-Commerce Alliance.

Yiwu Municipal People’s Government

I. Yiwu Overview

Yiwu, located in the middle of Zhejiang province, has a long history. In 222 BC in the Qin dynasty, a county named Wushang was set up here as part of Kuaiji. The country, one of the oldest in the province, was later renamed Yiwu and in 1988 became a city. In 1982, Yiwu took the lead in China in establishing a market of small commodities. In 2006, the CPC Zhejiang provincial committee and the provincial government summarized “Yiwu Development Experience”. In 2008, Yiwu was listed as one of the 18 typical regions of reform and opening up in the country. In 2011, Yiwu became a national comprehensive reform pilot in foreign trade, the tenth national comprehensive reform pilot, following the Pudong New Area of Shanghai, the Tianjin Binhai New Area and seven others.

II. Promote the Construction of “Special Trade Zone”

In 2012, the total export and import volume of Yiwu was US$ 9.34 billion, among which US$9 billion was self-support export (including US$ 4.9 billion export through trial market procurement). The number of business people from abroad reached 417,000 and that of overseas merchants who stayed in Yiwu for more than half a year surpassed 13,000. The accumulative investment volume totaled US$143.55 million and economic cooperation with foreign countries developed continuously.


III. Promote the Construction of “New Market Area”

Yiwu will build an international means of production market with a total area of 128,000 square kilometers in 10-20 years according to the general idea of “gathering, cultivating and improving”, accelerate the construction of the international e-commerce city, insist on combining with entity markets, logistics platforms, payment platforms and credit platforms to strive to create an e-commerce market  with hundreds of billions yuan worth of industry. The e-commerce platform of “Yiwu Purchasing” has gone online to actively compete for a third-party payment licence and develop a third-party payment platform with proprietary intellectual property rights and Yiwu market characteristics.


IV. Create Civilized Credit City

Yiwu has a fine tradition of paying equal attention to responsibilities and benefits and honest management. Measures have been taken to strengthen the cultivating of brands of modern commerce and intensify the education for market entities to create the golden name card of “Yiwu Businessmen”. The social credit system is being actively constructed, enterprises credit archives are being built and improved, the mechanism of policy incentives, credit incentives and commendation incentives for trustworthy enterprises is continuously improving and the warning information system for dishonest enterprises is being perfected. Meanwhile, Yiwu Commercial News has become the only county and city newspaper hosted by local authorities and the broadcasting station has become the only county and city broadcasting station with dual electric channels in the whole country. Nine stories have been broadcasted in the CCTV News, among which two were headlines and another two were broadcast in Focus Interview. A total of 385 stories were broadcast in Zhejiang TV and won a special award of Zhejiang TV news.





China Electronic Chamber of Commerce

China Electronic Chamber of Commerce (CECC) was set up in 1988 and registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The CECC is an industry organization composed of voluntary units and organizations producing and managing electronic information products, with independent corporate capacity and under the leadership of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is the largest industry organization in the electronic information industry and circulation fields of the ministry. The CECC was listed as a 4A national industry organization by the State Administration of Civil Organizations of the Ministry of Civil Affairs in 2009.

The CECC has 12 local chambers of commerce and seven specialized committees with more than 4,000 direct members, branch members and professional members across the country. In 2006, the sales volume of all CECC members reached 1.2 trillion yuan, accounting for one third of the total sales of the electronic information industry.